Monday, 23 December 2013

The still of the harbour

Every departure leaves a hole. Growing up means - not only, but also - getting used of a certain sense of lack. We deal with missing frames, interrupted timelines but, still, we keep on trying to link the events under the light of an overall, personal end.

When we turn the page, we deeply feel human, whatever it may mean. And we start asking ourselves what being actors on the daily stage of existence implies. My ultimate stance is making choices in such a way that can enable people to fully give expression to their thoughts, their hopes, their fears, their sentiments.

Today I leave a beautiful country that warmly welcomed me, the memories of which will always go hand in hand with me. My choice is to close this chapter today and start a new one right tomorrow: the main characters are the people that I love, the setting is going to be the road between me and them.

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