Monday, 23 December 2013

The still of the harbour

Every departure leaves a hole. Growing up means - not only, but also - getting used of a certain sense of lack. We deal with missing frames, interrupted timelines but, still, we keep on trying to link the events under the light of an overall, personal end.

When we turn the page, we deeply feel human, whatever it may mean. And we start asking ourselves what being actors on the daily stage of existence implies. My ultimate stance is making choices in such a way that can enable people to fully give expression to their thoughts, their hopes, their fears, their sentiments.

Today I leave a beautiful country that warmly welcomed me, the memories of which will always go hand in hand with me. My choice is to close this chapter today and start a new one right tomorrow: the main characters are the people that I love, the setting is going to be the road between me and them.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Urban ontology

Good-looking and indifferent, as gods. Sometimes they allow theirselves a smile, leaking an unspoken universe of needs.
You can easily recognize them, making show of grace under elegant coats - which usually match off-white laced up Converse shoes.
Conversations are ephemeral silent sights, suspended by pleasant sighs - forgive me for the bothering alliterations - till it gets dark, time to flip the coin and turn to the wild.

on the way from Majorstuen to Jernbanetorget

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

3:39 PM

Today I missed the sunset. A vain rush to Aker Brygge to catch the last blazes of the winter sun - it had already sunk. At this point, waking up has become a race against time.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Second attempt - where the hell is G?

Sorry for the absence, it's been a while since the last time I wrote on this blog. And there is no other reason than an evident fact: I'm a lazy guy.

I mean, this was supposed to be a diary, not a novel. And, guess what?, I overthought as usual.
We live the present without knowing what we will consider relevant in the future looking backwards. There was a methodological problem within the project of this blog: how to select the stories to tell? to what aspects give priority? to be just didactic or to fictionalize enough to give a smutty profile to my life here?
And then, of course, an underlying question: why the hell should I spend my time telling you how I am spending that time itself?

They will look like nothing more than childish excuses, and it's true. But while reading this bullshit you didn't notice that I gained time over you, an umpteenth delay that you will once more forgive. I'm explicitely taking advantage of you, but please... no hard feelings!

Some weekes ago an episode of my childhood came to my mind: I was taking a classwork at the primary high school, open questions. I was overthinking as usual about from which one to begin... so after a while I left anxiety apart, took the pen and started answering the last one. When the teacher passed to check the stage of my work she looked at me surprised: "how can you have already finished?!", but after a closer sight she realized I was actually quite behind schedule. She became upset, believing that I was trying in a way to cheat: I was clearly unprepared - no other reasonable justifications!

Jesus, one of the worst memories of my very first academic life :S

Well, you know what? I will start from the end once more. And if you believe I'm an incompetent... tough luck!

Distracting picture (North sea, on a cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen, last week)

Friday, 16 August 2013

MK, departures, Berlin

Maybe the best way to leave Milan: dancing mazurka and other folk music in S. Fedele square, just next to La Scala Theatre, all night long. Special thanks to all the buddies of Mazurka klandestina: I've spent a great time with you in these months, I hope to see you soon (maybe in Oslo...!).

It's nearly time to get on the plane and I'm still trying to pack up my stuff: a "die hard" work, but, how does it say... when the going gets tough, the toughs get going!

A big hug to my family.
To dad, it's never been easy for me to give you credit for your help and consistent presence: maybe in time I'll be able to acknowledge your merits and show more gratitude.
To mom, don't worry for me: after all, it's your fault if my name is Gipsy, my place is around the world.
To my bro, don't grow too much: remember that I'm still your big brother. I bet you'll miss me soon, you little monster :)
You three, please, take care of the cat in my absence: he needs to be coddled at least three times a day, with love.

Berlin, you definitely caught my soul. It's been only one year since we met last time, but coming back it's been like rediscovering old paths of my early days, the land of nowhere in which I love to get lost: a friendly and gloomy, irresistible haven in my wanderings.
Even when you throw me out from the clubs - damn!

Thanks to Gabriele for your welcome and for the wonderful evening, to Diego and Maria for the nice company, and to Anisa and Luca - you two, take care of yourselves!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Four days left

Well, after a quick tour all around the peninsula to say good-bye to relatives and friends, I'm almost ready to leave.
I still have got a couple of tasks to work out and a mountain of scare to defeat.

By now nothing special to tell - or maybe too many thoughts that I can't easily express. Stay tuned, the countdown is almost over.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

This is only an attempt

That’s for good reasons, if we always proceed through trial and error.